2016 Idaho Wilderness Calendar front cover
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2016 Idaho Wilderness Calendar


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The new 2016 Idaho Wilderness Calendar features stunning scenery from across the Gem State with images by Idaho guidebook author and landscape photographer Scott Marchant. The 12-month calendar offers a breathtaking journey through Idaho’s unspoiled wilderness—some of the least visited in the lower 48 states. Every month includes a stunning image, as well as an inspiring quote of wisdom from such luminaries as John Keats, Rudyard Kipling, Oscar Wilde, Vandana Shiva and John Muir. Each month you will discover a beautiful destination, including suggested hikes and snowshoes excursions from the Hiking Idaho guidebooks. This calendar will inspire you to lace your hiking boots and remind you why America’s wilderness is one of its most important treasures.

The 2016 Idaho Wilderness Calendar features:

  • Oversized 13.5” x 10.5” pages with plenty of writing space
  • Mini-calendars of preceding and following months
  • Meteor shower dates, lunar eclipse dates, and phases of the moon
  • 12 full-sized Idaho landscape scenes
  • Printed on premium coated paper
  • Individually shrink wrapped
  • Printed in Idaho

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